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when you tell someone to turn around for what ever fake purpose(to check out a chick or to see if they know a person or to see a fight) when they realize that nothing is behind them they turn back around when they do you already have your middle finger in there face. so not only do they not see a fight but also get flipped off. its a great asshole-move.
dumb friend: hey man wazzup?

Asshole: not much dude, do you see that bitchs ass over there(points behind his friend)?

dumb friend (turns,looks around a little realizes there is no hot chick so he turns back around to see his asshole friend flipping him off and now the friend feels like a dumbfuck (which he is) he also feels embarassed).

Asshole friend: you just got blind fucked cocksucker.
by the prick from WKnoxville September 09, 2008
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1) A person you'd only fuck if you were blind

2) Someone it's not worth to flirt but you can fuck with

totally no effort
1) Dude, that's gross! She 's a blind fuck!

2) Man, see that chick over there?

Hand me a johnny. I'm going straight to the (G)spot.
by sci77o May 29, 2012
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Adjective: A blind fucker. Verb: 1) When you are fucking then you look at a light/flash and go blind then keep on fucking.
2) You fuck someone that's blind or two blind people fuck/have an orgea. 3)
Lady: I saw the grossest thing today.... Two people fucking near a lighthouse! Then one went blind so he was a blind fuck!

Chorndog (Horndog and Corndog): Cool! I saw two bling people walk into each other naked and the guy's dick went in the lady's vagina!

Lady: Eww!
by Lesbian seagul September 29, 2007
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