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a black or african american santa figurine you would see in a store at christmas time
look there's Blanta! i didn't know Santa was black...
by mrs. clause January 14, 2007
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1.) quite simply put: a Black Santa
2.) One of African American/Black descent who throws on a red and white buckled suit, as a clever disguise to fool those around him-most often children-into believing that they are of the Kringle or Claus bloodline.
Boy and his mom and sister at the mall:

Boy: "Mommy, why is Santa so dark this year?"

Mom: "Because sweetie, that's one of Santa's sons, Blanta. He's helping today while Santa gets ready for Christmas."
Boy's bitter, pessimistic older sister: "Who was Mrs. Claus sleeping with then?"
by Grandmaster Cookie December 12, 2011
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