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A book or collection of papers used by graffiti artists to paractice writing. Usually a black hardcover book with blank pages but can just be a notebook or collection of papers.
Damn did you see that piece in Dank's blackbook
by Krilz December 11, 2005
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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an book that a ladies man keeps of all his ladies' phonenumber,address and stuff
my black book is so much bigger than urs man
by jared December 04, 2004
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Black Books is a hilarious telivision show from the U.K that amazingly only ran for three seasons. It stars Dylan Moran as Bernard Black, a cynical alcoholic who loves his books and hates his customers. His friend Fran (Tamsin Greg), and his "assistant" Manny (Lord of the Rings), help in making his life as difficult as he thinks it is. It realy is worth a watch, and I recomend renting it from a place like Netflix, so you can watch it over again with your friends.
Amoung the many memorable bits are "robot prostitute from the future", "hiding in the crisps again!", "our friends, the genitals", and of course, "The little book of calm".
Sample dialogue from Black Books

Manny; looking in mirror,: "Do you think I should trim my beard?"

Bernard; reading book,: "Yes I think you should trim it, and shave it off" , turns page, "and staple it to a frisbee, and fling it over a rainbow."
by Figure.10 May 17, 2009
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graffiti book used for sketching. Normally specialized black books have smoother pages than normal paper.
there are loads of dope pieces in my black book.
by Spliffing June 19, 2005
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A variation of the more commonly white Macbook, but this time is black.
"Dude is that a normal pc laptop?"
"Nawh man look it's a blackbook"
"Never seen one of those before"
"Cuz it's apple bro"
by Nohadwalt October 21, 2011
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A magazine aimed at the sophistcate hipsters, the posh anti-socials and the artsie farts of the city. Self described as "The International reference for fashion, beauty, photography, luxury advertising, graphic design, production and events." the magazine is blissfully aware of the irony they represent by condensing the world of alternative culture into one magazine (although it is quite thick.)
Sweet! I just got my new issue of blackbook, the Arts Issue, with profiles on up and coming artists, a photoshoot spread of a preggers Maggie Gyllenhaal, and so much more!
by grand November 20, 2006
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