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a type of heroin produced in Mexico. it is the main type of heroin used in the Western United States. it may be sticky, like roofing tar, or hard. colors range from dark brown to black. the reason for its tar-like consistency and appearance is due to the crude manner in which it was processed. it is often sold in this state at purities ranging from 20-80%.
black tar heroin is usually injected or smoked, but can also be made into powder or dissolved in water and snorted. it is typically thought that while injecting black tar will destroy your veins faster than injecting china white, but the fact remains that its gummy consistency requires the needle to be rinsed thoroughly between uses, which may or may not put users at a lower risk of getting the package.
black tar can be made into mexican brown powder heroin by being cut with lactose, though other cutting agents have been used, of course.
black tar used to be made with unrefined opium, did you know that?
by Pris.killa May 05, 2007
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A crudely refined form of heroin used mainly in the western united states due to its accessibility through the mexican border. Usually very hard but prone to break up much like sandstone, but becomes moist and very sticky when heated to around eighty degrees fahrenheit. Usually smoked off of tin foil but can be mixed with other smokables such as tobacco or weed. Can be injected but due to its gummy texture can cause immense damage to veins, not to mention diseases it is exposed to during its refining process. Smoking can cause mild shaking in the hands, itchiness, and unpredictable vomiting.
John vomited all over himself and his girlfriend after smoking some black tar.
by I_Need(ed)_Help October 07, 2008
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