Badd ass gangsta rapper on The Inc. Dissed 50cent many times but fiddy doesnt have the balls to diss him.
He is the one who stabbed 50 up and 50 went snitchin to the cops.

Hqas many songs with Caddillac Tah his homeboy.
Hear Gunit Killer feat 2pac on the homeboyz beat and see for yourself.

I know my music. Fuck 50 ,blacks a real gangsta.
by civic killer October 04, 2004
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Part of the INC, he'll gutt fitty with his blade!
"50, i had knife, u had a gun, u aint pop nuthin, i poked u, u called 9-1-1" - The Real Wanksta, Black Child
by Orlando April 03, 2005
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lives in zimbabwe and eats rocks and sticks because he is poor, he also steals bikes and says worldstar alot
whos ugly black child is this
by Mega Niggar fgt February 20, 2018
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