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A topic about which there has been a lot of misinformation, myth, fear, and nervous joking.

Many people have it that the "average" penis length of an adult African-American is close to eight inches or more.

Actually, statistics gathered in the USA indicate that on average black men were indeed longer than whites and Hispanics in that area -- but only by about one-third of an inch. Black men have the longest penises, and the shortest. For American men (all races), the average length is about 5 and two-thirds inches, for black men about five and three-quarter inches. The reason the measure of black men did not "swell" the average by a full third-of an-inch is that African-American adult men, as a statistical minority, had fewer men measured as a group than whites and Hispanics, and thus were underweighted in dragging up the average.
So if you're concerned about black penis length -- don't be.

And don't be upset if your would-be Mandingo turns out to be an Average Joe -- he is more likely that than not.

by al-in-chgo March 14, 2010
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