The abbreviation for "bad kid". This term is applied to one who is bad at anything at all. From video games to sports, you can be called a one at any time, anywhere, and while attempting any activity.
Did you really miss that snipe? WHAT A BK!
by Thelovelyneighbor October 08, 2009
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A fist bump/fist pound. Usually said in a mocking tone in order to highlight the rubish way that meat-head males continuously fist pound for no reason.
"BK me one after that awesome ace!"
by mmmwwwahahniu June 30, 2009
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Common term used for a man or woman who is on their grind or are known to hustle on a regular basis. Finds its roots with a man named brownwest, known for his relentless hustle and underground dealings.
"This man is on that bK level sh*t."
"If you don't got a name, and you dont know what to say, dont mention bK."
"Moving that brick like bK"

by Hollowtipz February 14, 2007
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An acronym for Bad Kid. This has no relation to being a BA or a BAMF. This is the person that gets on your nerves and you just hate.
Go to hell you're such a BK.
by 2Fresh4U January 07, 2008
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a blood killa all me Crips in Flatbush know wut im talkin bkout right..............RIGHT!!
All me Crip plus me and ne1 in their right mind would say B.K fo life!!! BIATCH!!!!!
by Method Gurl January 22, 2004
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BK stands for bad kid. Originally deriving from the term Badus Kidus meaning someone who fails at school and english class and takes sophmore english even though they are clearly a senior.
The new kid...hes a BK. He jacked my seat what a BK.
by Nutty N May 04, 2011
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