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don't be bitin my style
by tdogg July 16, 2003
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BITIN; imitating or copying someone's swagger or style, such as......words, clothing, types of music, secret meetings, swagger, pictures in certain places etc.
Damn these bitches are ALWAYS bitin our style! They wanna be like us so bad!
by lauri T May 20, 2007
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Pronounced as letter "b" (like be) then tin (like pin).

1. A liar especially when it comes to having a gaming rig worth $2500+

2. Lies to his friends that he has a girlfriend. And when his supposed girlfriend hears a rumor that that guy is spreading that they're in a relationship, the guy would lie that he never spread it, tells those people that they're the liar.

3. Goes to a friends house and act as if he's the boss of the house.

4. He has no T^2. Both Implied and Stated.

5. Always includes his "brother" in topics.

6. Out of nowhere laughs with a crowd even though he doesn't know the topic.

7. Obviously trying to cheat in exams.

8. Copies other people's habit or personality especially popular or handsome guys.

9. Always acts arrogant and too proud even though he has nothing to be proud of.

10. Stalks people.
Can you believe it? Bitin says that he'll get all of this for X'mas from her mother as a gift. (All original in PS3 format)

- Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
- Bayonetta
- BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
- BlazBlue Continuum Shift
- Tekken 6
- Uncharted
- Unchared 2
- God of War
- Burnout Paradise
- Star Wars: Force Unleashed
- Red Dead Redemption
- Assasin's Creed
- Assasin's Creed 2 Complete Edition
- StarCraft 2? (Wow, never knew it had a PS3 version, oh wait, IT NEVER HAD ANY!)
- Resistance: Fall of Man
- Grand Thef Auto IV
- Transformers: War for Cybertron
- Prototype
- Trinity Universe
- Infamous
- Devil May Cry 4
- Street Fighter IV
- Dynasty Warriors 6
- Burnout Paradise
- Need for Speed Shift
by Anti-Bitin Society November 19, 2010
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1. To say that you are cold or that it is cold.

2. When a member of the opposite sex is showing interest in you.
1. I want to walk to the store but it's bitin outside.

2. I'm a fly young man so the girls always bitin.
by Fly Guy Ty September 24, 2010
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