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Eating a bitchwich occurs when you break for lunch, meet up with a co-worker and complain about your job, life, etc.
Your boss is on your nerves this morning. When you go to lunch with your friend all you do is humorously complain about your supervisor and how you can here him burp and fart in his cubicle. This is called eating a bitchwich.
by mariecarleton January 01, 2008
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When a man orders a veggie sandwich at Subway and has the sandwich artist put NO meat on it.
unknowingly gay Male customer: Yes, can i have a veggie delight with no meat and every vegetable but hot peppers please?

Subway sandwich artist: Oh, you mean a bitchwich? Sure. The hot peppers would have made you a little bit more of a man though.
by clapstine May 23, 2010
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When two dude hate a girl so much they hate-fuck the shit out of her.
Dude: Shit man, I hate that girl Danielle.
Bro: Yeah, me too, Dude. She's such a bitch.
Dude: Let's just make a bitchwich out of her and get it over with.
by KittiesonTitties August 26, 2011
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