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a girl/boy who is going out with a boy/girl whom you yourself like. He/she may be an angel, but because they are with the one you like, they kinda suck.
"Oh great, he brought his bitchcracka to the basketball game."
by Madeline hootie hoo December 05, 2005
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The white version of a bitch nigga. Someone who talks a big game and gossips a lot but backs down at the first sign of a fight. If you make it big in the game, they will suck up to you to try to get some of your money. Bitch crackaz are weak and have been known to engage in such mark-ass activities as taking bubble baths and using their bitch's blush to cover up a pistol whip wound.
Connor: "How are you on this fine morning, Madeline?"
Madeline: "Why, rather swell, Connor. I have some rather disturbing news from you, however. I heard from Emily that Blake was verbally disparaging you. He said that your racquetball game was mediocre at best and that you performed rather poorly at last week's poetry reading. Furthermore, he thinks you are a hypocrite since you claim to eat only organic free-range chicken but he saw you go into KFC the other day."
Connor: "Well I never! I shall confront that scoundrel!"
Connor: "You fool! How dare you sully my good name? We must engage in fisticuffs at once!"
Blake: "Nonsense, my good chap. I did nothing of the sort. Let's bury the hatchet and set up a tee time at the country club for next weekend."
Connor: "Silence! I believe Dr. Dre put it most eloquently: 'So many crackaz like to keep up shit, and just like a bitch, crackaz be talkin' shit. Smilin' in my face and then you blast me in the back, crackaz stay strapped from way back, cuz payback'll make crackaz wanna pop that shit. If you ain't ready for the game, cracka stop that shit'...well, I'm not going to recite it all, but he finishes with, 'If you act like a bitch, then you smacked like a bitch!' That is precisely what will be your fate! Please note that I replaced all instances of the N-word with the C-word since you are white. Indeed, you, sir, are a bitch cracka! Get over here! I'm going to slap you silly!"
by Nicholas D November 06, 2009
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