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your listing is incorrect in saying that the phrase "bitch kitty" was coined in 1997. i heard my father, born in 1914, use the word in the 1950's. given that his views on the world were rather ridgid, he had probably used the word since the 1930's.

by the way, what is the proper manner for editing an existing word?
she's a real bitch kitty.
by rswitz April 15, 2010
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A strong, fiery, fiesty, independent, Woman. She is a minx. She takes no shit or prisoners.She knows exactly what she wants. She is will scratch out eyes to defend a friend, a child, an animal, or anyone out numbered by wolves, ring wraiths,Juggalos, Mojo JoJo, or Ryan Seacrest. Her body is curvy...The way she moves implies she is always in heat. She has no shortage of men following her scent. She loves to be pet, her ass slapped - so long as you get a firm bite on her neck first. She is well groomed with a style all her own. She can be very intimidating. To get close to her you must be very quiet & still for extended periods to disarm her. If you're lucky enough to get close to her you will be loved with so much intensity you'll want to cuddle up & catnap forever. But God help you if you get in her way or cross her. She is known to travel alone, rarely seen in packs.
"I swear to god. I'm not even kidding. Don't think I won't cut you. You better reckin'ize. Bitch-Kitty ain't no pussy! Rebel meow!"
by K-LO Bitch - Kitty December 21, 2013
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1- Used in referring to a close friend
2-Used to describe something frusterating or difficult
"Hey my bitchkitty!-how are things going?"

"Oh that homework assignment was a bithkitty"
by onalda June 20, 2005
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A word to describe a woman on a permanent, PMS-fueled power trip. Permanent diva attitude. Coined in 1997.
That girl is trippin, like straight up bitch kitty.
by The Socialist Diva April 04, 2006
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when working on several similar items, the one item of the group that causes the most difficulty. I've heard this term since the 1960s.
when loosening the 5 bolts on a car tire, the one that is the hardest to come off. "Man, that last lug nut was a real bitch kitty"
by wordsmith1960 June 04, 2015
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