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1. when someone you see is complaining like a complete bitch and not relaxing but instead is being mean to you or someone else. (usually occurs between co-workers).

2. When a person's attitude is of bitchiness and sarcasm which creates arousal for the person being talked to. Usually is used as an insult to the person of assholish-ness that creates the "turned-on, lets fuck" type of mindset.
co-worker female: Hi jack, i need you to write these reports.
Jack: I am a bit busy with customers right now on the phone, can i do it later?
co-worker female: Sure! in fact, ill do all the work while you chat with your friends like a lazy fuck would do, k?

*female co-worker walks away*

*bob is summoned...magically*

bob: wow she really rode your ass
Jack: yeah what a fucking bitch in bed that one. id like to lay her ass down like a mutha fucking knight in shining armor.
by seannubs September 21, 2010
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