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A group of girls whose wardrobe consist of American Eagle, Abrecrombie & Fitch and Hollister. They claim to like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, but they're all just posers. They are usually fake. They will be nice to your face and turn around to say the complete opposite. They even do it to their members. They usually have a leader. Whose usually fat and ugly but likes to put others down to make herself feel much better and hide her insecurities. And has absolutely no feelings, also completely airheaded. They will shun you if you don't dress according to them. They claim to but chanel and coach bags and claim they are real, but they're mostly fake even though they say everyone's is. They like to say they are rich, but they're really middle class like mostly everyone. Everything they do is done superficially.
Bitch Crew Conversation:
"omg did you Megans new chanel glasses?"
"I bet they're fake"
by robodsfdsffdsfds March 01, 2008
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