Don't worry about our Craig he's been in the Loo playing bishy bashy all morning.
by Joe Mangle November 15, 2017
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The bee's knees..the cats meow.. a dreamboat.. a real humdinger ringer... A Squido is the bestest friend, boyfriend, lover, husband anyone can ask for! He is super sweet, cute, funny, and loving and will do anything for his woman. He is nearly hairless so it is like hugging a sexy smooth-ass land dolphin, but with luscious hair on the top of his head that is styled to magnificence. His eyes are incredibly enchanting and will send you into a hypnotic state with your heart-aflutter. The eyebrows are irresistibly charming as well. The Squido keeps a youthful appearance on the outside and he is young at heart, but with an old soul..ergo, he is the epitome of perfection. He has a perky dick that seems like it is smiling at you every time you see it. He barely sleeps and is kinda absent-minded, but this can all be overlooked because Squido is just an all-around super mega awesome dude and he's amazing in the sack.
I had the most excellent time last night with my Squido Mc Bishi.. he makes my vagina drool. 🤤
by HunterSMontana010921 July 26, 2021
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1.To describe ur bestie when they're being mean.
Averie: omg Jenny is being such a Bishy bish today!
by Blue_Hippo.11 June 17, 2022
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The bishy grip (or bishops grip) is a reverse , 2 in the pink 1 in the stink, mastered by the man himself , Dave the rave cabbage , the bishy grip can lead to one of 2 consequences, stinky fingers, or 12 hours in the cells and a ban from all night clubs in thr United Kingdom
I do the bishy grip dance move and it’s an instant bird killer
by Dave_cabbage October 23, 2022
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