Since Steelers won the Superbowl, their fans are birg'ing by wearing the team t-shirts
by February 2, 2009
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To barge in with less aggression or force.
The Kool-Aid man chose to knock on the small children's wall, birging into their lives with somewhat respect.

Asking before may take much of the fun out of it, but birging into a vagina is nonetheless satisfying.

You cannot simply BIRGE into mordor!
by Vaginas! April 6, 2010
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1. one who makes himself/herself a social outcast through his/her own action and blatant disregard of others.

2. a homosexual who is disliked

3. one who annoys others, tries to act tough, and idsregards others, then wonders why no one likes him.
Damn, Eric is such a flaming Bang-Birge, everyone hates him.
by fredddddy April 26, 2006
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