The worst food to ever be invented on Earth. Mainly hated by birds like Wingy, this food is disgusting, dry, and plainly noob. If you eat bird seeds, you're a noob.
"Hey I got food!"
"Oh really? What did you get?"
"I got the newest flavor of bird seeds!"
"You filthy disgusting noob."
by Sir Jeffrier June 9, 2021
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Weed, marijuana, green, etc.
(Cockney) rhyming slang: bird seed = weed; but spoken or written, not "weed" but "bird".
1. "Two bags of bird seed ("seed" which rhymes with "weed" is unspoken) if you please ... Two bags of bird, man ..."

2. "If there ever was a bird brain, it's this mutha ..."
by oblonged January 21, 2015
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A bird seed is a skanky girl who claims she's a St. Louis Cardinals fan.
e.x. look at all this bird seed on opening day.

e.x. Joe just went to the game for the bird seed.
by sheila tits. April 1, 2011
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when you go to a friend's house, go to their backyard, take a huge dump on the ground, preferably under a deck... then cover it with bird seed to give it a good look
Big Jon came to my house the other day just to give me a bird seed splatter.
by Major JMC July 6, 2006
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What you call someone that looks like a bird. Usually has a peak shaped nose, a nasal voice and no neck.
Friend: I don't know what to be for Halloween.

Me: You should be a Parakeet, you have the nose for it.

Friend: Let's not forget your sausage nose...

Me: Fuck you Bird Seed Breathe.
by abramm24 March 26, 2009
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An extreme diet that is often confused with a starvation diet and is mostly practised by men. A ''birdseed'' diet is a nutritional approach which involves unlimited calorie intake that consists of food only birds can consume, it is quite often combined with a strenuous workout program. People who go on the diet seek to get fit without restricting calories, it usually precedes a final ''blackout'' (eating junk to the point of explosion)a day prior to the diet. The ''blackouts'' persist during the diet everytime he/she is intoxicated. During the diet, ''blackouts'' can also occur when sober, especially when you eat something that isnt ''birdseed'' - this phenomonen is defined as the ''floodgate factor''. Given the factors that arise during this diet, it is deemed completely useless , unrealistic and torturous.
Jon: Hey Mark do you want some fries?
Mark: No thanks Jon Im on a bird seed diet,if birds cant eat it,neither can I
Jon: Why don't you just have a couple with your whiskey(beer isn't birdseed)
Mark: I cant Jon,that will open the floodgates
Jon: Suit yourself

Mark gets completely hammered after 1 litre of whiskey and blacks out on every peice of junk on the way/at home after a whole week of strenuous excercise and unlimited unappealing birdseed food
by Haydar Manaf December 26, 2007
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