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The science-fiction version of a blowup doll, a bimbot is a robot, android, or otherwise cyber-entity that closely resembles a physically attractive human female and is built exclusively for the sexual gratification of its user. Currently, no bimbots are known to exist on Earth, even though there are plenty of bimbos.
1. James threw away his blowup doll the minute his new bimbot arrived at the door.

2. Large numbers of married women actually welcomed the arrival of the bimbot, for now they could forgo the onerous duty of sex with their husbands without fear of losing them to a mistress. They simply bought a bimbot instead.
by Jakeosity March 09, 2006
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The typical "valley-girl" is dumber than a post, or at least plays the part. Because valley girls are a dime a dozen, they are like robots. An insult to human intelligence, these robot-like bimbos have a shallow vocabulary and spend most of their time in the mall.
Bimbot: Like OMG becky... look at her butt... it's like... SO big!

Names commonly associated with bimbots: Brittany, Tiffany, etc.
by 20101991 August 31, 2010
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Originated from a portmanteau combining bimbo + robot, meaning shallow, polished female who has attained a level of superficiality beyond that of the common or garden-variety bimbo.
Karen's vacant expression and Lululemon wardrobe did not automatically make her a bimbot; however, her inability to hold a conversation that didn't revolve around "The Hills" did.
by R.A.T February 17, 2009
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