Politically correct term for a hillbilly, cracker, redneck, or trailer trash. Subtle reminder that southerners often use their first and middle names because after centuries of inbreeding, they all have the same last name.
The billybob was hoping to score with his cousin last night after the football game.
by skeptosaurus January 3, 2013
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1.Is a man of great sexual health with a redneck side. 2. Man of great strength and stamina. 3. Is of great bliss to those around him.
The man named Scott with the green chevy and drives semi's is the BILLYBOB of r town.
by turbo22 March 21, 2007
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the act of shoving a fishing bobber in to someones ass and turning the reel to get it back
"Yes Matt, lets go billybobbing in each others ass!" said the drunken hooker
by David applebees Donahue June 22, 2011
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