a large, long, double sided, C shaped dildo that goes in the anus and vagina. The frontal piece (vagina) is a vibrator, and the back (anus) is a piston that goes up and down inside the butt. Off of this C shaped dildo is a cushioned handle for great handling.
Wow, that Big C was great!
Masturbation can't go wrong with a Big C!
by PO PO April 30, 2015
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Big-C is the nickname for fairly large people that have a name that starts with "C". Big-C is just a great person and is bloody huge and can pull bulk babes.
by yaboibigdaddyD May 16, 2018
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The greatest white rapper from Louisiana, him, MC Gurt and N'Ron are bringin white rap back
Fan: Have you heard the latest Big C song? Fuck That Soulja Boy?

Kid: No where can I find it?

Fan: www.myspace.com/bigcfrom985

Kid: Holy shit man, he's right FUCK THAT SOULJA BOY
by Big C from the 985 September 15, 2007
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An emo girl (I think)who has a perverted mind, who lies to everyone and makes up stories to get attention, and claims to have done a dixie cup of speed.
Also has a mentally unstable mother who helps BIG C in making up lies to try to get other people in trouble or to talk to BIG C.
Matt: Did you get your money from her?
Will: No, she's such a BIG C!

by xxonedeadcopxx December 12, 2008
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