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A term people use to either make fun of someone when they talk too quietly or to make a point about someone's speech pattern.
Some Guy 1: "I can't hear a word he's saying!"

Some Guy 2: "Yeah! C'mon, Dan! Use your big boy voice!"


Some Girl 1: "Did you hear how he was talking?"

Some Girl 2: "Yeah, he was so using a big boy voice."

Some Girl 1: "Ha, and he's only thirteen!"
by Non-Supercilious October 24, 2009
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The voice that underage boys use when trying to purchase anything illegal to them. It is attempted to be a deep and gruff voice.
Jake: Hey I was going to try and buy some beer....but I'm only 17.
Tony:Just use your big boy voice and you'll be fine.
Jake: Oh yeah, MY BIG BOY VOICE!
by Tony J. November 23, 2007
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When some men artificially deepen their voice to sound more masculine and dominate conversations. Used when the man does not have enough intelligence to make a proper point. Causes the voice to sound nasal and flat but not resonant. As if the adenoids are overgrown. Damages the vocal chords. Mainly done by Merkins.
Merkin 1: Oh my God. I was like oh my God! (in an artificially deepened voice)

Listener: It sounds like you need your adenoids taken out Merkin to get rid of your Big Boy Voice.
by PMcDonald November 27, 2011
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