A god like genius who is perfect in every way possible
It's ok it's big jack.
by OkkkOokk June 3, 2021
Another man who will not fucking die from doing something shitful! (Reference to Big Jackoff!)
Big Jack Huff: Step back schmuck!
by JayMoneySpamsL2 June 19, 2021
Describes a person who has no remorse whatsoever and does not care about doing good at all, making him/her irredeemable. Also known as "Jack Horner Situation".

Quick reference to Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
The bully might be in the Big Jack Horner Situation when he grows up.
by et mrbe March 8, 2023
Big jack daddy can describe a plethora of things. For instance, a big jack daddy can be someone who is absolutely YOLKED and spends hours on end lifting at the gym. This term can also refer to any type of microwaveable TV dinner that has a lot of meat and potatoes. Finally and most importantly, a big jack daddy is a burger at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is where this saying originated from.
1. Rachel has been lifting so hard lately. She’s starting to look like a Big Jack Daddy.
2. Hey honey! Can you pull the big jack daddy out of the fridge?
3. “I’ll take the big jack daddy please
by Eagle Woman August 18, 2018