“we only do big city slams out here” or “i scored a big city slam last night”
by jayyynuhhh July 31, 2019
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A location where Big Cats meet or live and engage each other in stimulating stunts that usually involves large amounts of alcohol. There is always one King Cat who runs Big Cat City and often leads by example by Bringing the Ruckus. Most normal individuals would not dare to enter Big Cat City without the protection or consent of a Big Cat.
Guy 1: Hey man you trying to go to Big Cat City tonight.
Guy 2: Yea sure what’s the worst that could happen?
by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
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Enourmous fukin man tittys!!
Hey, did you see Nathan, he is huge!! His big city honkers jiggle at every step
by Morrie Balstein December 16, 2015
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Big City Beefin' is a traditional chili from southeast Michigan that consists of multiple steaks, ground beef, habanero peppers, and multiple jars of queso all loving combined in a crock pot. It is traditionally eaten on tortilla chips or drank directly from a coffee mug.
My soul is a little bit happier after drinking a nice mug of Big City Beefin'
by 123yhgdfhdgh May 5, 2021
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