Gigantic "breasts" of fat on a man's chest
Damn, That guy has some big city honkers! They're bigger than most girls i've seen
by Shulk123 December 8, 2015
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When an individual deficates ones pants, pulls down their pants, then proceeds to slide across a smooth surface (after a running start)leaving a beaver trail in an apparent spot.
The boss didn't give me a raise, so I was compelled to perform a big city slider in the break room
by Gunnery-A February 28, 2014
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Moving or living in a big city and overall learning to be independent,
1: you just moved right? What’s it like?
2: it’s great! I’m really feeling that Big City Nostalgia right now.
by ~Riri_writes~ April 8, 2022
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The big city greens equivalent to a spongeboomer, someone one who only likes episodes made before the owl house finale
by massivemii October 23, 2023
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Big city cops}, usually a dumbed down version of a small city cop. Some big cities require their cops to have degrees so what you get is a book learned idiot with a gun that feels empowered because they work for a large metropolitan department. Very few of these clowns ever promote beyond a sergeant position due to the fact they cannot think on their own which is why they had to go to work for a large department. Big city departments run very narrow background checks so they hire many that would not make the cut in departments that do thorough checks. many of these officers feel that position make them really important but most cannot explain any simple law that they enforce. Their training will mostly be in tactics and other items that they will never need or use. All you have to do is watch Youtube and see how people make most big city cops into blundering idiots that feel that the "badge" makes them educated. Big city cops are the ones that "must" shoot the pet dogs or tase grandma for "their" safety. Yep without large groups of other big city cops to come back them up most would take an ass whopping a day.
I feel important because I am one of the big city cops.
by THPD July 31, 2017
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(n.) An upper-middle class person, increasingly becoming female, although still vastly male, that is involved with huge monetary transactions and is known to frequent wine bars.
A big city player in his vintage Ferrari Daytona.
by Gumba Gumba May 13, 2004
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