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Something that comes about when two or more idiots want something so badly that they lose all finesse in trying to get it. When egos get involved in trying to buy something and drive the price up.
Mac got in a biding war over the Harley and ended up paying three times what it was worth. Their house sold for double what anything else in that neighborhood has ever gone for because two relatives got in a bidding war over it.
by byline November 27, 2013
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A bidding war is a competition to be the highest bidder on an item. In real life interactions, a bidding war occurs all the time for women in the 18-26 age bracket, with endless amounts of love, attention, and money coming their way from hungry men. Ironically, these women are usually miserable, while any normal man experiencing that kind of bidding war on him for a couple of hours would be ecstatic.
Guy 1: Have you ever experienced the receiving end of Bidding Wars?
Guy 2: Once in my life. Four girls were fighting for me once in a bar. I felt like a complete king for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. God I need a pussy.
by Eric Kazinsky January 13, 2016
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