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(v): when someone takes your lighter without your permission and never returns it; particularly pertaining to Bic brand lighters, but can be used in reference to lighters in general.
Ashley: Oh snap, I think I got bic'd.
Matt: Wait, what?
Ashley: I left my lighter on the coffee table and now it's missing. Someone must have picked it up.
by nmb122289 January 24, 2010
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When lending a Bic lighter to a friend during a toke-sesh, if said lender forgets to ask said borrower for the return of his/her bic before they peace out, they have been Bic'd. The ownership of the Bic is now rightfully the other dude's. Under no circumstances shall anyone argue for the return of their bic, doing so may result in a bitch slap to the face.
Kenny: Yo dude thats my orange bic.
Brad: Na, man, na
Kenny: Kid, I lent you that last time we blazed, yo!
Brad: huh. Looks like ya got bic'd braa.
Kenny: But dude, that's my -
Brad: *slap*
by Bob Glob March 01, 2009
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Past participle. Past tense of Bic. To have removed the hair off of a part of the body with a razor. Named for the cheap disposable Bic razors, but applies to the use of any razor.
John just Bic'd his head!" "He doesn't look right bald. His head's too big.
by DWreckZ June 11, 2011
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When someone steals your lighter (preferably a 'Bic' lighter), after using it to light up a smoke.
*checks pocket*
Damn, man, I just got bic'd!
by A[li]CE September 18, 2008
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A Bic is a very common brand of shaver. To have little or no hair on your head. To be bald.
1. - "When you join the military, the first thing they do is bic you clean."
2. Mark - "Look at the guy! His head is sparkling! I can see my own reflection in it."
Nate - " Yeah, that dude is bic'd!"
by Nelson Frank January 05, 2013
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