Meaning of bhupinder is King of kings. Artistic, Cultured, Kind, Gentle, Intelligent, Sensitive
man thats bhupinder the king of kings.
by jattfrompunjab February 2, 2009
Your a bhupinder.
by gfgfkytjdf November 28, 2019
Bhupinder is hot, sexy, caring, gawjus deliciously brilliant and the best boyfriend ever. he also has a sexy ass and other unmentionables and brilliant in bed ...mmmmhmmm ;-)
i love u Bhupinder
by jaanimo March 4, 2010
Sexy guy that wears a turban and walks like he owns the place. Hold his bag in one hand whilst walking like he owns the place. He has a broom as a coat and sweeps the floor perfectly everywhere he goes. Also hangs out with his mates but gets gassed whenever girls try to talk to him. Has girls from Year 10 after him but ignores them because he's such a badman.
GB: "Oi, look it's Bhupinder"
JK: "He's so leng."
by Maya Vincenzo May 25, 2022
The twist in steroids. A dance with wild shaking similar to the twist. A dance craze that is sweaping the nation starting in New York and moving to LA.
Codie dried off reall fast simply by doing the Bhupinder.
by Vladimir Putin of Moscow October 6, 2008