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Indian girl who is the coolest, sweetest, awesomest person ever. Never mean to anybody, infact, she says every person alive is beautiful (even if they aren't). wouldn't dare to hurt a living creature, and is extremely caring and supportive. However, this girl is extremely insecure about everything. Even though she is such a beautiful person, inside and out, she is always putting herself down. She has gorgeous, indian brown eyes, and everyone is jealous of them, as well as her hair. She is the most caring and considerate of all the people ever, and although she seems shy at first, she really is a lot of fun and a perfect friend.
I wish Bhavani could be my friend; she seems like such an amazing person!
by ashluvzbhavs April 20, 2011
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bhavani is the coolest most ahmazing person in the whole world!!!!!
damn i wish i was as ahmazing as bhavani is!!!
by chochhunter February 13, 2010
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