Best Friends For Fucking Life.
Best Fucking Friends For Life.
Or freaking or however you want to put it :)
Amy and Janeen are BFFFL.
by Amy Mya May Yam Aym Yma August 16, 2007
A phrase for "Total Drama Island"/"Total Drama Action" that stands for Best Female Friends For Life
Katie and Sadie are so BFFFL that they share the same brain.
by The Cartoon Queen January 16, 2010
Pronounced Buh-Fif-Fl. Best Fucking Friends For LIFE.

Made popular by the somewhat of a let-down movie, "Pineapple Express".

Related: PiC, Bring the Shovel, Brother from Another
Shell: Hi, BFFFL!
Joan: Hi, BFFFL. I miss you!
by azionamento June 4, 2010
BFFFL, to be best friends forever for life

A: Hey, wanna be BFF?!
B: Hael no, how 'bout BFFFL!
A: Huh?
B: Sh, sh, don't ruin the moment...
by Momijix July 26, 2008
Caitlin: I like pizza and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Me: OMG Caitlin is now my BFFFL ♡_♡
by Habe123 October 16, 2015
Directioner 1: OMGZ WERE BFFFL
Directioner 2: OMGZ YES!!!!
by 1dinfectme April 30, 2012