"C'mon bitch, you don't gotta be a hael!"
"Let's get that hael to take a look at your broken laptop"
by lfgss February 22, 2010
A woman who is looked down on by society for any reason (i.e. whore, bitch, etc)
"Hey Marie!"
"Fuck you!"
"Damn, you don't gotta be a Hael"
by private, unknown June 19, 2006
Biggest Troll on Apb:Reloaded
Dude1:Dude someone just sent me dick pics randomly
Dude2: It was prob Haeling
by Gamepsychology June 5, 2012
haele is so cool. i wanna be just like her when i grow up.
by hi! December 24, 2004
Hael9 client is a hack client client in the game Minecraft produced by the developer hael9, during the development multiple skyblock players such as egom, averagesweat and, zethrow9 were caught red-handed abusing the client which led to bans or was never caught although it is still banned many people still have the client in their heart and still claim they did not use it
"bro egom was haeling that terminal we should ban him"-non hacker

"i was false banned for hael 9 clienting"- AverageSweat
by egomstan5069 April 29, 2021
Phrase used to express EXTREME confusion, a malformed version of the hell, said while being very confused, thus becoming de hael.
*guy walks out in hooker heels, biker chaps, a tutu, eating a rotiserie chicken and juggling 17 chainsaws*

...de hael?!
by Doug DuCote July 10, 2006