When you go to pack a cone, but realise you've already packed on
'Last night johny had deja beug like three times lol'
by Salbige June 29, 2017
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Typically when an Aussie rips a cone of only tobacco.

ends up giving you a mad head spin....
person 1: bro
person 2 : bro
person 1: have a baccy beug
person 2: brooooooo, aight
*does baccy beug*
person 1: bro how you feelin?
person 2: *no response*
by this_guy554 June 25, 2019
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A person who knows exactly where the beug/bong at all times, mostly applies to one who is blazed.
Sam: I can't find the beug, I'm so stoned.
Tom: It's right here man!
Sam: Tom, you're the beug whisperer
by Checkcheckcheckit May 01, 2014
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when you go to smoke a cone, but you haven't actually packed one.
"aww fuck bro thats my third phantom beug tonight, im stonkered."

"bro johnys a lightweight he was having phantom beugs after his first bong."
by derrick winthorpe November 01, 2018
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when you go to pack a bong but realise you have already packed the bong
*grabs bowls, grabs bong, sees cone already packed, remembers you packed bong 5mins ago*

"oh man deja beug"
by Beug Beuggly October 13, 2019
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