a best friend is some one hoo cares bout u hoo is always there for u and u wont let a guy get between u so if u have a best friend(s)hold on tight cause they can help u thru life:)
a guy can never come between u
by Rachel November 24, 2004
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some one who is always there for you never pushes you around and is there for you always when you need it or not,they will come when your down or at 12 @ night to make sure your okay and someone who never looses hope for you.
by rose2984 April 11, 2019
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Two whom share an intimate bonding between the same sexual partners.
Karissa "dude did i tell you i fuck so&so!"
Alejandra "i'm not surprised, you fuck the same dudes as me, but thats why were Best Friends For Life !"
by society blows November 25, 2009
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