Berce can really mean anything. Berce's are anything from hairs to people. Although the word berce was formed by two boys at a school in oakville.
Berce "that was so berce"
Bercey "hey bercey come here"
Berce "that teacher is so berced up"
by Genouski October 18, 2007
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Patient: So doctor, what do I have?

Doctor: I'm afraid you have...the berc.

Patient: NOOOOO not the berc, please, NOT THE BERC!
by Muscley Arms January 07, 2012
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An incredibly lovely person. Pretty, intelligent, outgoing etc. Good looking as hell. Always stands up for people she loves. A kind and caring soul.
Omg did you see how beautiful she is? I am not surprised that her name is Berce.
by caesarsauce May 26, 2020
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