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a term implying sobriety. used when one is sober. derived from the phrase "sober as". Pronounced ber - az
"Mate, last night I was out at Amika and everyone else was lashed which was rubbish cos' I was beras".

"yeah I booty called that chick, I was wasted but we still got it on even though she was beras"
by barnes ladz February 02, 2010
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A last name orginated from Albania. The bera family is a very nice,outgoing family with a great personality. The Bera family is one of the largest and most famous familys in albania. 90% of the people in the Bera family have blue or green eyes
Oh yea the Beras great family
by Savage20067 June 17, 2018
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a very smart person usually thicc and very smart. helps others and is cute.
I was in a room with Bera
by gaoskdsafa April 18, 2019
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