N. Plurlal (bee-pull)
A Bear-Human offspring, plural form of the word Berson

Beople are often found in forests, where they are spawned, and are as dumb as bears, but capeable of thought and language like humans.

Beople are almost extinct due to Sweedish Bear Traps.
"Hey! Look! Beople are comming from the woods!"
"Did you get the Sweedish Bear Traps Set?"
"Yup, We wont have to worry about a single Berson getting through"
by BringerofDawn April 16, 2008
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A conjunction of Black and People- Beople. Black People.
There are a lot of Beople on this bus.
by gigitygigitygooo September 20, 2009
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crazy justin bieber fans.

singular form--berson
looked at all those waked out beople waiting to see justin biber!!
by hannic schwartuis May 01, 2011
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