Verb, to successfully pull a girl at a bar, do obscene acts to her outside said bar, and finally destroy her in the bedroom multiple times.
"Aw man, did you see Karl with that girl last night?" "Yeah bud, she definitely got Benked, she's not walking straight for a while"
by thelittleirishman November 06, 2013
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slang term for one pound sterling, currency of the UK.
Mr A: that's an interesting hat you're wearing...
Dr B: thanks, only cost me two benk.
by DrJonas March 26, 2007
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1. A common Mispronunciation of bank

2. A name given to a person who wont ever get a girl Friend for life
Hey lets go to the Benk.
Hey Look Benk still has no girl friend
by Gamer Eggs April 27, 2019
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The act of hating on ones social superiors, usually by a northern economic migrant usually with an inferiority complex and sh*t for brains.
"Stop following me around benking me everywhere i go clown; i'm trying to sprout a fitty over here!"
by MickeyChampion March 16, 2004
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It is a nickname you cannot give to yourself, you earn it. A nickname for a wealthy guy...
A man like Benks...
by @benksworld March 17, 2017
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