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A diabetic man who works for a supermarket who has a strange walk similar to that of a penguin ..
Boy 1 : hey why are you walking like a penguin

Boy 2 : hey man because im a benguin
by shrimp2023 August 08, 2014
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a ridicously good looking korean dude who can uphold the greatest amount of suave and smoothness and add up with an enourmas amount of intelligence that Einstien would be proud of
"damn that ben kim is a definite benguin fo sho" - hot girl
by Ben Kim January 05, 2005
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benguin is a baby penguin who likes to email his mummy. He is a penguin that is sweet, cool, handsome, athletic, cute, nice, and thoughtful.
Girl 1 - "my boyfriend is cheating on me,what should i do?"

Girl 2- "girl!,you need to dump his ass and find yourself a Benguin"
by benguin September 28, 2013
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