I'll bend over backwards for people, but I won't bend over forwards. This means I will help you, but I won't be victimized!
by I, Wreckerrr January 20, 2021
To bend over backwards would assume some or all of another's problems as one's own. To bend over backwards for someone would portray the idea of going the extra mile and carrying another's burden in addition to one's own.

It would essentially mean twisting, bending, and utilizing a portion of one's interrupted routine (or literally, their body) into a position requiring effort, inconvenience or discomfort.

To exceed expectations by an identifiable action in addition to or at the exclusion of someone's personal responsibilities. The phrase might also be used as insinuation for sexual acts, or when used under the pretense of sarcasm... or both.

Possibly a state of mind. The phrase might be used when referring to someone who finds a portion of their identity in acts of service, hospitality, or ministry.

When used in a congratulatory manner, it could refer to someone who bends over backwards by contributing far more than had been expected or anticipated. It might be used in recognition of expended effort or resources to solve a problem.

Could be used as a prediction of anticipated effort. Someone enrolling in college or beginning a new career might be warned with the phrase that they will need more than "talent" to reach their intended destination.

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Bend Over Backwards in use: "My father bent over backwards to help us move." "My wife bends over backwards to make things happen." "I bend over backwards for people and they don't appreciate me." Those folks are always bending over backwards for their neighbors." "The crew bent over backwards to make that show happen." "If you want to make it here you're going to have to bend over backwards just to keep up."
by Rabunshire March 22, 2019
A boy that a girl fucks up the ass via some strap-on device.
Danielle says "Jeffrey is my Bend over boyfriend, I like doing him from behind"
by danielle August 14, 2004
Gay anal sex. Description of one bending over to allow his male lover to enter his anus.
Andy Dick is a Bend Over Lover
by Doug Hightower October 17, 2005
to exert oneself mightily
If you have to bend over backwards for a place like that it's not worth finding it.
by The Return of Light Joker November 21, 2009
to "bend over and take it" means to allow an authority figure; teacher, police, parents.. to repremand you without you fighting back.
Kathy knew her English assignment was due tomorrow, but she decided not to do it claiming that she would rather just "bend over and take it" from her teacher tomorrow.
by KLMC July 6, 2006