Alternative name for SEX.

Or name for something that is or feels pleasurable or amazing.
GUY: "Dude, I haven't had some B.E.J. in forever"


GUY: "Ay homie, that girl was soo B.E.J."
OTHER GUY: "Damn, I feel ya bro."
by Bvboom November 10, 2010
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Bej is a humanoid bulldog that is a god in sum cultures, and isn't widespread yet. The culture just happens to be named Bej, along with its main, and only God.Sum joke that this foreign god is the reason that your texts autocorrect, but he is.
Random guy: heyj what'sj upj?

Random guy: whyj isj myj autocorrectj actingj weirdj

Random girl: thisj isj certainly aj workj ofj Bej
by hamburgers are not drama January 21, 2018
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