happening before someone was born or old enough to know what is going on
"Well done Peter",we all say and not before their time
by coolsdragon April 15, 2014
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something that happened before I even existed or way before time.
ancient old ancient history I was not born yet before my time
by kyliejmystery April 1, 2016
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Nikola tesla: He had ideas 100 years ago that are being "rediscovered' only now.
Nikola Tesla was a man before his time.
by Tupp November 9, 2013
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"The Before Time" is a reference to the 1966 Star Trek episode "Miri" in which the Enterprise encounters a planet inhabited only by children, due to a pandemic infecting and eventually killing all the adults. The children refer to "the before time" as the time when adults were present.

This episode was parodied in the South Park Episode "Wacky Molestation Adventure" in which the children claim to be molested and are subsequently removed from their adult guardians.

In 2020, the phrase has come to mean the time before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, when people could freely associate and go to bars and parties.
"In "The Before Time" we had a buffet lunch every day. Now we just stare at each other over zoom.
by neurosmash September 8, 2020
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Everything before about Feb 2020 when covid became a worldwide phenomenon
Tucker: Yo remember when we used to get drunk and hang?

Dave: Yea the before times were so dope
Dave and Tucker: *Silently think about how apocalyptic things are*
by Well Education October 27, 2020
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'The Before Time' is now used to reference the era proceeding the virus apocalypse of 2020.

While commonly believed to originate from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, this is a classic Mandela Effect misperception of history. No video exists of any character in the film ever using that phrase.

Rather, South Park Season 4, episode 16 parodies Beyond Thunderdome, and is the true origin of the saying.
In The Before Time we had an actual society. Jobs, parties, sports, schools, and other public gatherings were once normal and common.
by 5PercentRainMan July 5, 2020
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Phrase from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, used by the children born after societal collapse in referring to the time before.

Also occurs in South Park's "Wacky Molestation Adventure," as a cultural reference to Mad Max, as the kids cause society to collapse in the episode after claiming that every adult in town molested them.
People were happy in the before time, the long long ago.
by ItsnotFROMsouthparkmoron August 1, 2017
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