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Fun-loving girls who engage in nonstop drinking and having a general good time. They are slutty with their booze but also enjoy the boys.
The party didn't get going until the beersluts showed up.
by tmoney23 May 25, 2005
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A girl who, once given alcohol, will perform any sexual act on any random person she can find.
That skank got drunk and sucked off two guys that night. What a worthless beer slut!
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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girls who go to parties with the sole purpose of getting drunk and picking up guys.
There is some hot beersluts up in here.
by Lance Mitchell August 08, 2003
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A girl who once even sees/smells alcohol gets naked and does the closest thing to her.
She is a total beer slut she went after my dad!
by Leah x3 February 06, 2005
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Under the age of 18, this girl typically spends her weekends out partying. She drinks to the point of intoxication and freely hooks up with any guy readily available. She will resort to any means to get alcohol or ass. She drinks irregardless of the consequences. Why does she do it you ask? Boredom? Horny? Nope! She becomes a beer slut to convice herself that her stories of partying and guys she fucks will actually make other people like her. Nice try ladies. Put down the beer and keep your dirty little paws off of anything male-it's called self-control.
Wild guess...SS of VMA
by You know it's the truth March 19, 2005
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Girls who you'll always see at parties with low slung tank tops, vacant expressions, and cigarettes drooping out of their ever glum visages.

Usually have no future, definitely get drunk and hook up with other random drunk people, and enjoy roofies as their medicine of choice.
Man, Jessica is such a beer slut. she's just watching the boys play beer pong, trying to act cool but failing miserably.
by the dude. November 29, 2004
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a girl who will do anything for beer. by anything i mean anything involving sexual favors
i gave the bitch some beers and she sucked me clean
by Hashimoto December 09, 2002
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