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When the beer supply in any type of social drinking situation becomes critically low, and replenishment is either impossible or extremely dificult. Thus creating a major buzzkill. Symptoms of a beermergency may include, panic, chaos, premature sobriety and all the girls/guys at the party becoming ugly again.
When we realized that we were critically low on beer, we knew we had a real beermergency on our hands.
by Woody Wood December 08, 2006
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The realization that a valuable beer you have in stock will soon go bad and you have too many to drink all of them in an appropriate time frame.
I cracked open a beer that one month ago, waited in a sleet storm for 3 hours to get. The beer is changing dramatically. I did an immediate on hands count, and declared a beermergency. We must drink this beer before it goes bad!!
by beertunity January 06, 2015
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A pilot declares this (like declaring an emergency) so he can proceed direct to his destination and drink beer at the bar ASAP because if he is delayed at all, he legally can't drink because he has to fly early the next morning (pilots may not drink any alcohol during the 8 hour period before flying).
Pilot: Delta 1965 declaring a beermergency and proceeding direct Portland.

ATC: Delta 1965, I understand you are declaring a beermergency. Cleared direct Portland. Do you need any other assistance?

Pilot: Delta 1965 also requests maximum forward speed.

ATC: Delta 1965, approved as requested.
by PDX Pilot 1 January 10, 2012
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