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A person who has a tendency to consume copious amounts of beer... then purge it all out, usually in the crapper, gutter, mates car or down ones own front.
Don't bother buying Phill any drinks, he's Beerlemic. It'll end up going down the crapper.
by Baron Von Cabes November 29, 2006
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A common condition among those with poor drinking skill and low stomach capacities which gives a strong feeling of nausea to its victims when under the influence of alcoholic beverages, and usually entails vomiting the said consumed liquor in a most unfashionable way, usually unconsciously whilst drooping over a pub toilet seat. Victims can also be found regurgitating in such places as phone booths, public pavements and curbs, in your front yard, and on the floor of taxis. Should you find someone you suspect is or is showing signs of becoming beerlemic, the best course of action is to take them to hospital immediately, from which the most likely treatment will be an intensive rehabilitation period in which victims will be force fed large quantities of alcohol for days on end to increase their quickly diminishing alcoholic tolerance.
To find an example, you need only search through your scummiest local bar or club for a messy messy individual. Check the bathrooms and nearby alleyways, and youยดll know when you have found your first beerlemic to rescue.
by Deak Extreme March 15, 2009
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