an adult male (over 21)who purchases beer for underage drinkers
Jon: Aaron is a beer bro he just got me a 24 pak
Nick: Stop being a bitch and get a fake ID like everyone else
by baharain October 24, 2013
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The Final Cache of Beer reserved for the closest group of Bros at a Frat party. As a tip, never leave when upper echelon frat Bros claim there's no more beer left. Stick around, and tell other Bros/Hoes, to leave. Rewards for your efforts will include, but is not limited too, a taste of the secret cache of what is known as "Bro Beer".
Huck: Did you leave that party last saturday at 12:15 when the President annonced that even the Natty Ice was totaled?
Me: Naw man, I took a squat on the pot and took the browns to the superbowl for 10 while every one left. I got some Bro Beer.
by The Hodge Father III May 1, 2009
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