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Automated External Defibrillator, a medical device used to asses and shock the heart when CPR is being preformed in an attempt to restart the heart.
"The paramedic applied the AED when the old man went into cardiac arrest."
by baharain February 27, 2013
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When you take three shots of three different alcohols in quick succession stating with the highest alcohol content or the darkest alcohol if two or all three are the same percentage alcohol
I started my 3 shot chaser with some Bacardi 151, then Skyy and I finished it with Malibu.
by baharain August 9, 2014
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an adult male (over 21)who purchases beer for underage drinkers
Jon: Aaron is a beer bro he just got me a 24 pak
Nick: Stop being a bitch and get a fake ID like everyone else
by baharain October 24, 2013
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