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A dump brewed in bowels of satan himself. Ocurrs only after a skinful (8-12 pints). This putrid, jet black shit is cemented into an unbreakable log that is as wide and as thick as a gorillas forearm. Not only does this defecation leave your arse in tatters due to it's colossal size, they tend to be blisteringly hot, singing pubic hair and leaving the ring red raw, making it near impossible to wipe. An allround thoroughly unpleasant experience.
Dave: Alright steve? You were in the bog for about 2 hours.
Steve: I was having a beer poo, my arse is in shreds. It's burnt the hair off the underside of my testes.
Dave: How many did you have last night?
Steve: 10. It was so big one end of the shit was in the U-bend whilst the other was still packed into my bowels.
by Gnusey October 27, 2012
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The shit you take after drinking a large amount of alcohol to try to wash some of the toxins out of your body.
Matt: Jeez last night was a bit heavy. I've got a massive headache.
Wookie: Yeah I still feel like shit I really need a beer poo.
by Mercifull March 04, 2005
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A sloppy, brown, smelly faeces you often encounter after a serious round of drinking the night before. Can often come continuously throughout the day to flush out alcoholic toxins.
Tom - "I'm seriously paying for last night. I've had six beer poo's in the last HOUR."

Dave - "Unlucky, I was done with the first this morning. Pretty disgusting though!"
by MaceGrey October 17, 2010
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The particularly dark and heavy defecation that occurs the day after drinking significant amounts of alcohol. The beerpoo is one of the key stages of getting over a hangover.
Just had my beerpoo; i feel much better

*Flush* that's my beerpoo done, all I need is a nap and a shower and I'll be back to neutral.

Duude your beerpoo stinks! Leave the window open next time!
by OF.from.Essex.England. June 25, 2011
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The relaxing bowel movement that you take while sipping your favorite cold beer in the bathroom. It can be accompanied by that novel or magazine you keep in the spare drawer under the sink closest to the toilet.
"I polished off the end of Michael Crichton's last novel while taking a deliciously long beer poo."
by webtelly December 23, 2011
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