Leaking orifice, such as a mouth or a vagina. From the French word bave, which means dribble.

The animal is called a beaver because of a white patch around its mouth, which resembles semen.
by quelist June 08, 2006
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A ugly girl who is actually disgusting with big sticky outy teeth and often gets food stuck on them.
'Ughhh. she tryedd to kiss me but i pulled away thank god! she was SUCHH a beaver!'
by tilesonyourbathroomfloor January 19, 2009
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when a man places between his legs (close to his anus) one or both testicles and holds them there, then he bends over and moons someone, except with the testicle(s) between his ass, looking like a girl's beaver
"I was drivin around and some guy gave me the beaver!"
by Andrew Martin April 18, 2006
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