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An instance in which the "beater" of the horse will continue to try and make amusing comments until either
A.) Somebody makes a "pity laugh" (this is usually the person who originally told the joke) or:
B.) Everyone leaves.

This is a common occurrence when a moderately funny person loses their game, and is convinced that they are not off of their game.
The perfect example of beat the dead horse.

MD: "Yo wassup homeslice! I was just chillin like a felon up in hurr."
OM: "Oh, awesome."
MD: "Word it was so tite and of the hizzle son! Shit!"
AS: "umm cool"
MD: "Damn staraight Gangsta. I'z with all ma peeps."
JK: "thats great..."
MD: "You know what else is great? My dick!" (MD laughs at his own joke, hoping others will too.)
WH: "shut the hell up mark youre not funny"
JB: "Whack! Whack! Whack! Neeeiiigh!!"
MD: "Peace out haters"
by Will Hinshaw, Joe Kovach March 22, 2008
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Henry: "Yeah bro me and my friends were all sitting around a fire, just beating the dead horse!"

Joe: "Be careful man! If you beat the dead horse too much you could get a 90 degree angle cock from that!"

Henry: "You only get one life joe, live it up."
by gangstaa347623497532 December 31, 2011
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