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To be ripped off
when on pays too much for summin they have been "beat in the head"
Marcus Balla: Ha, ha! Just copped me the new 13's.
Lamont Hustla: So what..everyone got um.
Marcus: Yea but i paid $80 for it.
Lamont: Dawg u got beat in the head cuz i coulda sold it to u for 20.
Marcus: What?? HOw!
Lamont: Imma hustla homie...Ask about me!

Marcus: U see how the movies try to beat us in the head...$10 for movies and $3 for a drink!
Lamont: Too bad des cocksuckers dont know about the baq entrance or got the connects like we do.
*they brush they shoulders off*
by prince ingus April 05, 2005
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