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An egotistical dude who fronts as a major competitor, but is actually a sucky douche come competition time.
Caleb said he was going to go all 'beast mode cowboy' in the big game, but he sucked…as usual.
by homopinionation August 12, 2014
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A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing, sexual attraction to farm animals.
Whenever I hit a pig, horse or cow my mind goes into beast mode cowboy.
by DrWizard July 28, 2014
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Caleb Reynolds (Beast Mode Cowboy) Born in N. Carolina and grew up In Kentucky. Was on the CBS Reality tv show BIG BROTHER Season 16. Caleb was given the name Beast Mode Cowboy from a fellow house guest after showing massive strength in Competitions.
That Beast Mode Cowboy sure did turn on his beast mode when he hung on with one arm to win that comp.
by CORRECTURBAN September 08, 2014
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One Bad Ass Hombre. A state of mind that very few men can obtain. The greatest conquerors of all time where Beast Mode Cowboys. 1. GENGHIS KHAN 1162-1227, 2. ALEXANDER THE GREAT 356-323 BC, 3. TAMERLANE 1336-1405, 4. ATILLA THE HUN 406-453, 5. CHARLEMAGNE 742-814. All throughout history Beast Modey Cowboy conquered.
Chuck Norris runs home and hides under his blanket so Beast Mode Cowboy will not find him.
by Frank Lucky 13 August 15, 2014
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