Verb- To own someone and/or a group of people in a sport (mainly basketball).

Noun- Someone who is very good and/or agressive at a sport (mainly basketball).
Verb- Dude, Timothy beasted that guy when he tried to go in for a lay-up.

Noun- Dude, Timothy was a beast at the basketball game last night.
by /\/\I0 February 07, 2008
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the act of viciously eating something, because you are slightly anorexic during hours which food is unavailable.
"imma go home and BEAST on that pb&j"
by Lenda November 20, 2006
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Beast:(adj.)1 term used for "awesome" 2 superior to others 3 higher in rank and/or popularity 4 possesses athletic skills
Alex: hey did you see Rory play today?

Shelby: dude yea he was SUCH a beast!!!
by alex_is_beast March 28, 2009
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To become enraged when something small happens
Cindy became a beast when the children did not respect the house
by Stan Lee August 30, 2003
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1. To workout intensly preferably using weights

2. A state of mind or mentality of being invincible

3. To do something completely and without a doubt correctly

4. A person composed of large body stature or presence
1. You beasting today? What do you think i'll be there around 7

2. You're going to ask her for her number while her man is there? I'm a beast I do what I want to do.

3. If you don't get out my face i'll beast you here on the spot.

3. I beasted her last week straight fatality west tenn style!

4. Mariusz Pudzianowski is a beast.
by tone bone January 21, 2007
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